6 Ways To Make Your Shy Girl More Comfortable In Bed

6 Ways To Make Your Shy Girl More Comfortable In Bed

Being timid during sex can affect the sexual life and the relationship. As you are thinking or imagining yourself having sex to your shy and awkward partner is just a “NO-NO” thing for you. But you don’t have to worry about this kind of scene. We have something for you that will truly help you making your shy girl more comfortable and confident in the bedroom.

  • Have more time together.

Her shyness goes away as you spend more time together. Plant several intimate date. If you feel she’s already comfortable with you, you can open up a conversation about sex. Start with an ordinary topic, just to make your communication at ease. A little bit of a just going with the flow thing and little by little target the convo towards having sex. Remember not to jump into it by telling your partner what you want immediately. Just do it in an old way. Know and identify the situation, present the problem and suggest a solution.

  • Take it slowly.

Women are amazed when men are slowing things down. So if you want to increase her emotional and sensual connection with you, avoid being aggressive. Your aggressive acts will only make her feel anxious. You can delicate a few minutes to cuddling and kissing. Being sensitive with her body language would help.

  • Make your intentions clear.

Be clear with what you want. Never start or even use such flowery words just to get her. You are merely presenting your suggestion, not demanding a change in a routine.

  • Discuss what is going to happen.

If both of you have arrived into an understanding with what you want, it is time to tell her exactly what is going to happen. It is not just like you are briefing for a mission, but talk about it in a normal tone and let things flow beyond conversation. When done right, it will probably lead to a magical foreplay.

  • Intensify the use of the 90:10 rule.

It is a principle of you making the first move while your partner closes the gap between the two of you. You’ve got to show what you’ve got. Make her comfortable as you wish to make in bed. Move in for a kiss 90% of the way and let your partner response as she moves the rest of the way in. Make the scene hot and sexy for the both of you. Foreplaying will boost her sensation and will help her to perform in bed actively. Lead the way but make sure to let her take charge as well.

Some women need a bit of understanding and lots of shaping to transform them from NOT to HOT. In a nutshell, if she’s shy, take the lead, show her love, compliment her, listen to what she says and don’t ever pressure her. We all have unique personalities. Be patient with your girl and help her feel comfortable with sex.