The Best Hook Up Spots in LA

Maybe you are looking to hook up in LA. To start, the city is brimming with social gatherings. It’s probably impossible to burn through every place that exists where you can instigate a hook up in Los Angeles. A ton of spots can be considered hook up spots. However, here are some of the best spots for hooking up in Los Angeles.


The Bungalow

The Bungalow in Los Angeles is an ideal spot. It’s a popular destination for people who are looking to hook up with each other. It’s near the beach, which is a seemingly perfect environment for finding a hookup counterpart. There are several rooms, which in and of itself makes for an ideal hookup spot because you can find some privacy. Part of the venue is outside. It’s pertinent to set up a reservation before you arrive. Otherwise, you’ll need to chase hookups elsewhere.


Hotel Erwin

There is a rooftop hook up spot at Hotel Erwin called the High Rooftop Lounge. The venue overlooks Venice Beach. What better hook up spot is there than somewhere where you can watch the sunset from a rooftop that is near the ocean. This is one of the best hookup spots because of the view. The lounge staff give guests blankets because it can get cold. There are sofas where you can sit. You can sit cozily with your blanket, next to a new date.


Harlowe Bar

People gather at Harlowe Bar to hook up and mingle. The music in the bar includes pop and hip hop. While it is a bar, the music adds a club feel. Paintings from the 1930s are part of the décor. The interior design contrast with the music to give patrons a sense that it’s a bar and a club, all at once. The lighting in the bar is dim, which is favorable for any hookup spot. The dim lighting will give you some privacy and incentivize people to speak one on one.


Good Times at Davey Wayne’s

As a 70s speakeasy, Good Times at Davey Wayne’s is one of the best hookup spots in LA. The concept of free love is perpetuated by the theme. Therefore, it’s one of the best places for LA singles to gather and hook up.

The setup of the venue is reminiscent of a 70s house party. To give an example, you can smoke inside. There is an outdoor patio. There is even a fireplace. Is any good hook up spot complete without a fireplace? There is dim lighting, too. There is a dancefloor. On top of that, there are hammocks and sofas outside.