What are the LGBTQ Hotspots in London?

What are the LGBTQ Hotspots in London?

London is not only the education capital of the world. Everyone under the rainbow flocks to the British capital’s LGBT-friendly hotspots and nightlife hubs. You will see young, international LGBT travelers and regular locals enjoying drinks side by side at places like the G-A-Y Bar and Comptons of Soho. The latter was founded three decades ago, making it one of the earliest gay bars in the city.

She Soho is the first lesbian bar in London, located on Old Compton Street. It features a rich blend of comedy and live music. Elegant venues like Village, Ku Bar, and The Green Carnation are great for socializing. If you’re looking for after-hours fun, head to KuKlub, Circa, or G-A-Y Late.

East End’s trendy LGBT community populates the local dive bars, pubs, and galleries. Everybody has heard of the club Dalston Superstore, the hottest east London venue. Meanwhile, the Glory and the Queen Adelaide, delightfully kitsch, have an air of anything-goes.  

XXL is the legendary Mecca of clubbing, and Eagle London is famous for its gay parties.

There is no shortage of LGBT-friendly places to stay. They welcome trans singles in London as well.  Diversity and inclusivity are at the heart of LaLiT London, a five-star boutique hotel in the downtown area. It has a Pride concierge to consult guests on the most interesting activities and events for Pride month and Drag Reading Hour, which educates children on acceptance.

If you’re looking for a place to stay in Soho, you’ll find Hazlitt’s Hotel right at the center of the neighborhood. This boutique hotel spans a row of sophisticated townhouses and has the elegant feel of a gentleman’s club.

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